some updates, in a new york minute

so i’ve been gone for weeks, big deal. i have been busy like hell. still job hunting though. been getting calls and interviews, so i don’t think it’s that bad, really. i should really be desperate by now, but i’m feeling okay and kinda relaxed. sure, every now and then, i freak and panic about it, but generally, i’m fine and dandy.

so what is the big apple like? like having sex in an elevator. i just love the damn city! what i usually do if i have just one interview in a day, i spend the rest of my day walking around. central park is bigger than i thought. i probably covered not even half of the place. i love the bethesda terrace! i saw it first in hbo’s angels in america, and instantly recognized the angel when i came across it. central park doesn’t look so good now, being winter and all. it looks like a big brown patch in the city. been visiting museums too. top of my list, as always, is the museum of modern art. went to the whitney as well, kinda disappointed not to see any of currin’s work, but i’ll get over it. went to the met today, and by golly, that place is huge! i still can’t feel my legs right now. they have a pretty impressive collection though, great classic art works, nice collection of contemporary art, loved the sculptures, lots of o’keefes, a nine out of ten stars. still have to check out the galleries downtown, especially now that i got my first issue of artforum, great mag for art ads here and every art center in the world.

went to the empire state as well with ate i.n. tried to remember all the trivia about NY so when i take unc whitt and aunt renee there, i can do all the talking, haha!

well, i’m definitely taking pictures next time i go out 🙂

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