rock friends (friends that rock)

roughly two weeks ago, me and my co-workers went out on a payday 🙂 basically, at work, there are three kinds of people: the below thirties, the above forties, and the in-betweeners aka the supervisors. a customer once asked why it is too cold in the shop, which one co-worker, pedro, quickly replied: we have many old ladies who work here, we try to keep them fresh.

anyway, the young ones decided to go out. i think pauline was the one who thought of it. we were missing around five people: nick (he wasn’t invited, was he?), tristan (how about him?), chris (italian-looking rican), mike (chinese-looking pinoy) and cynthia (was supposed to be there, i dunno what happened). lauren was supposed to be there, too. she quit work the sunday before payday and started working at the bodies exhibition over at the seaport. but she wasn’t able to take off til ten that night.

we went to hooters 🙂 was fun. did lots of gossiping 😆

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