pics in my phone

>been going through the pics in my phone, saw these intereseting ones. check ’em out:

now ain’t this something? i can’t even remember what the sign is suppose to be saying! something about not entering the restricted class area something. this is in wycoff-myrtle in the L line.

now this is along 49th street, and i happen to walk underneath this sign everytime i go to work. this is NBC’s rainbow room, and i think this is where saturday night live is performed live every saturday (now ain’t that a no-brainer!).

was going home on the M, saw this dude BREAKING UP ON THE PHONE! the dude was caught off guard, he was the one being dumped. the girl (or guy,we’ll never know) called him up, and the next thing i know, the guy is choking up trying not to cry. poor thing…

read this: FIVE streched hummers along 5th avenue.

this was a stolen shot with my phone when i had an interview with VH1. yes, i had an interview with vh1. didn’t get the job though. i was in MTV studios in times square. how many could say that?