what’s the story, morning glory

some time february, i said i saw donald trump. told my dad about it, he said it must be a sign, maybe i’ll work for him someday. i said i doubt that, i was never into real estate.

fast forward to last week, pauline, ron, heather and i watched the da vinci code, afterwards, heather and i met up with her friend and we went to under the volcano for drinks. heather and i have the same short-term goal: a job with our own cubicles and a desk to put pictures.

yesterday, i had my interview with the learning annex. it went so smooth, it scared me.

earlier today, i got the job offer.

funny how things work out. i miss the met already, i will surely miss the “rock stars”. but somehow, working for a company that works for donald trump doesn’t sound bad. the cubicle i’ll have sounds inviting, too.

wish me luck, y’all.

an interesting day

been neglecting my blog lately, for that i apologize. not that i have many visitors, but i do get lots of hits every now and then.

got lots to talk about but somehow couldn’t find the time to tell them all. since my last entry, i’ve discovered i turned into a cheap drunk, learned how to play billiards, gone to colorado with ate i.n, graduated, seen the kids, read lots of books, been disappointed with a job application, gotten myslef a pretty cool mp3 player, and fell in love with george clooney’s aunt’s song.

today was just freaking great slash horrible. like many tuesdays, i got up at eight and head of to manhattan by 9:30. the weather was just awful. it would rain hard, then stop, sun would come out, then rain again. first thing i did when i got to the store was check my schedule to see who i’m working with that day, but someone had the sched, so i went straight to the floor. got a ring from one of the super, i wasn’t suppose to be working today!

i swiped out five mintues of “working” and headed to MoMA but the museum was closed on tuesdays. the one museum i wanted to go to since it’s only four blocks away from work. decided to head on up north along fifth to check out the guggenheim at 88th.

see, the guggenheim probably is the first frank lloyd wright work i’ve ever stepped into. great architectural design, not to gung-ho about the spiral walk way since it just feels wrong to standing on an incline when the works to look at are level. great collection of kandisky, lots of picassos to check out.

met four chicks from the UK. i overheard them asking for MoMA’s schedule. i told them the museum was closed. they didn’t want to go in the guggenheim since it was partially closed (david smith’s exhibit just ended). i told them to check out the met, and that i was headed that way. so we five walked down along fifth to 82nd, even got them in for free (saved them $60 there!). i just loved listening to them talk with their accents. they thought i was a guide in the museum, too, said i knew a lot about art. a compliment i will forever bask under and rub to people’s faces 😆

we headed our separate ways, i headed to the HR to check on job postings. it is really depressing checking them postings.

took off around four in the afternoon. planned on going to whitney on madison, but the weather wasn’t participating well, took the bus even if i wanted to walk next to central park. then the sun came out after i hopped in on the bus. horseshit.

i needed to go home early anyway. didn’t wanna miss my soaps. i wonder how adrian and jennifer / katherine would resolve their freaking problems.