what’s the story, morning glory

some time february, i said i saw donald trump. told my dad about it, he said it must be a sign, maybe i’ll work for him someday. i said i doubt that, i was never into real estate.

fast forward to last week, pauline, ron, heather and i watched the da vinci code, afterwards, heather and i met up with her friend and we went to under the volcano for drinks. heather and i have the same short-term goal: a job with our own cubicles and a desk to put pictures.

yesterday, i had my interview with the learning annex. it went so smooth, it scared me.

earlier today, i got the job offer.

funny how things work out. i miss the met already, i will surely miss the “rock stars”. but somehow, working for a company that works for donald trump doesn’t sound bad. the cubicle i’ll have sounds inviting, too.

wish me luck, y’all.