so i’m pretty much fucked up

i’m guessing i fell asleep around 12.30, and i dunno why, but i’m up by 4.30. this is just messed up. i need my eight hours of sleep! and it’s not like something’s bothering me at the moment.

anyway, i’ll be in san francisco this weekend. work-related trip. good news is i don’t have to be in the office this friday AND monday 🙂 but then again, i’ll be working long hours on saturday AND sunday. bad trade off, haha! the only thing that would make this trip interesting is if the x-men would show up to stop magento from tearing the golden gate bridge apart… hmmm…

shout out to my cousin meg and her husband andy. happy anniversary! one year baby. try beating your mom and dad, haha!

my soaps are gonna be on at around 7.30, might as well have breakfast while waiting for that. a PBJ sandwich sounds good right now.

coast to coast

i’m a mess. i dunno why, but i could not sleep. was up since three this morning. i had my four hours, so i guess i won’t be too sleep deprived. i swear to god, i just heard jewel go “it’s three am, and i’m awake again” in the back of my head.

work is doing well. got a raise and a promotion within two months of employment, and is considered to go to san francisco for an event we are hosting the weekend after this.

will see rey in LA! four years man, we have some catching up to do!

will try to make a sensible post some time this week. promise. will finish this PBJ sandwich then take a shower, will head out to work early today.

— ken