for the alcoholic on the go

i’ve always thought it’s funny how people own flasks. if you receive one as a gift, that means people think you’re an alcoholic on the go. i can one up that.

i got these flip flops with a built in flask.

amazing! it’s by reef, and i haven’t actually tried them on, but i heard good things about them already. stuff like it’s okay for them to get wet, and it doesn’t make the skin between your toes raw from that strap when you slide your foot it.

for the less-alcoholic in you, you can also get these pairs of thongs that has a built in bottle opener on the soles.

amazing, i say.


so i had this tattoo sometime last year. it was a good friday, and i went out for lunch but since i’m fasting and had an hour to kill, i got a tattoo. it’s in roman numerals, for november 30th, 2005 – xi xxx mmv – which i thought was pretty cool and original, and i had it tattooed a lil below my collar bone.

and today, i saw this:

rihanna just got inked and it looked very similar to mine 😛