i complain too much

Actually, I don’t despite the fact that I can complain about lots of things. But the past two days was just insanely ridiculous. See, I take a bus to get home after taking the L to Grand Street. There’s usually a 15- to 20-minute wait in between buses, which is not too bad even if it’s cold outside (weather is something I can complain about too – weather’s been a complete bitch lately). But waiting for over 45 minutes is not acceptable. People were getting agitated and most New Yorkers don’t know how too keep their thoughts to themselves. WHen the bus finally came, they were laying it on thick on the driver. Poor guy was actually on time, but the two buses before him did not show up and he’s taking the hit for it. It’s pretty bad driving a bus with three-bus-worth of angry passangers. Anyway, I decided to go to NYC MTA’s website:

There was a 45-minute wait last night for the Q54 bus. The bus that came roughly around 9pm was actually on time, but the first two buses before did not show up.
I want to think that this is not common, but the exact same thing happened the night before, February 11 and the same time as well.
I was wondering if something is going on with the Q54 route

Since I started to write a complain letter, might as well continue with Cosi.

I like Cosi – good food, cheap, free WiFi. Nothing can go wrong, really. But after every meal, I usually crave for something sweet. Being far away from the menu, all I see are these small dessert menu stands on each table, and they have this bread pudding that actually looks good. Well, I know it’s good, I’ve had it once before. So I ordered it. But I was told they don’t serve it. This wasn’t the first time – every time I go to this particular Cosi, they don’t have it. And yet they have thos lil menus in every table. Fuck that shit – if you don’t serve it, don’t advertise it!

Hi, I come to your 8th Street restaurant fairly often, and every time I go there, I want to try the bread pudding you have advertised on every table but I am always told that they don’t serve it.
Ive had it before in a different Cosi, and really enjoyed it – but apparently, the NYU branch does not serve it, so why advertise it on your little dessert menu stands that you leave on the tables?

After sending out those e-mails – gonna head out and see a movie. Something good should be out today.

Yep, it’s gonna ba good day. No complaints.

books books books

Want to know what I fear? People thinking I’m stupid. If you want to insult me, go for my intellect. But be warned, you have to good with your arguments, I don’t hold back when someone tries to back me in a corner.

This is a reason why I love bookstores. This is one place that literally holds an inventory of things I do not know. Well, that’s one reason – another is my weird love for self-loathing. I also like to keep my books – because this is my own inventory of what I do know.