Mission: Topeka Wedding

Left LaGuardia around six in the evening. Flying out from – or flying in to – LaGuardia is never a good experience for me. I plainly don’t like this airport, but they have a direct flight from NYC to MCI. Interestingly enough, MCI is Kansas City International Airport.

Flight was smooth. Since it was later during the day, sun was setting already and there’s not much to look at outside my window seat. Everything looked flat with patches of different hues of green not winning my attention or interest. But as it got darker, the sky displayed a full color spectrum of ROYGBIV and it sure looked amazing. My dad has said more than once that if there is a God, He must be an artist.

Know that the horizon was a beautiful array of colors which made me think of my seeminly futile existence in this so big world – but one can stare at the sky and contemplate life for only a few minutes before you start thinking “Are we there yet?” It eventually became dark. No stars – that didn’t bother me. What bothered me was the land below. It was dark. I wasn’t expecting bright lights like Vegas, but you’d think there’ll be a group of people that reside close enough together that when they collectively hit the ON switch of their lamps would create enough illumination for me to see their cluster of existence from thousands of feet above. The vast land lacked signs of civilization. Ken was concerned.

The sudden announcement of buckle up and turn off your electronic devices startled me and I deemed it premature. I did the math even before we took off: I land MCI at 8:30pm local time which is 9:30 NY time, which meant a 3.5-hour flight. My iPod, still set in east coast time, stated it was on 8:30pm. Fifteen minutes later, the plane’s wheels hit ground – a full 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Delta Airlines: Gods of the Winds.

I have never been to MCI before and could not imagine ever coming back. The floor plan was rather weird. This airport was definitely built without consideration for possible drastic TSA regulations. It took me five minutes, if not less to step out of the plane, walk through the terminal and out on the street. I can step on the sidewalk outside, turn around and still see the agent by the door telling the passengers “Buh-bye.” I wasn’t too happy with this as I am in a foreign land and everyone was spookingly friendly. And it was late meaning every store was closed for the day. I wasn’t sure how the locals expect me to smile back at them when coffee is not available to me.

I made my announcement of arrival via Twitter and my cousin Meg was quick to reply that cousin Josh is coming to pick me up. My head was quickly filled with the vision of my cousin’s perpetually shaved head attached to an able body who can drive me away from the airport to bring me to people I can trust – my tribe members. “Cousin Josh,” I said to myself, “don’t fail me.”

He did not fail me – cousin Josh called me up asking where I was. For a small empty airport, we had a hard time finding each other. My strategy was to stay put because I don’t want to be walking around with him walking around and both of us keep missing each other. But apparently that was his strategy as well, so I figured, I’d walk around to find him. He was easy to spot – expecting that his head was completely shaved threw me off though since there was as much hair on his head as the scruff on his face.

He picked me up with my cousin Jen’s fiancé’s mom. We’ve never yet and yet she was very warm and welcoming. Warm and welcoming are traits that send off warnings in my head had I been in New York. But this is Kansas City, MI. We picked up another family member of cousin Jen’s finacé Matt and then headed towards Topeka, Kansas.

Part 2 to follow.

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