I Still Believe in US Legislation

I’ve been called a cynic way too many times when I’d like to think than I’m more pragmatic, that things are just the way they are. And with how things go in Congress and in the Senate, it’s really hard not to be cynical and think of these politicians as selfish bastards. In fact, many do not hide it anymore – with them cutting deals back and forth asking for one thing for another. But events like yesterday, when The President signed the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act, give Ken a happy. This has to be the un-lamest lame-duck session ever experienced by this country for the past 111 legislative meetings.

I am not politics-smart, but I do try to understand process. And the DADT Repeal Act endured a long and hard one. I really thought it would never happen but it did – this is how I like to be proven wrong.


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