Day 06 – Cherished Memory

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I grew up in a city that did not have a mall. And the nearest mall is several cities away, roughly an hour and a half of driving – longer if you take the bus to commute. I just turned eight, and I received a Gameboy several months after my birthday. I was so happy despite the fact that I can not play with it without any game cartridges. My mom wasn’t aware of it since she thought it was just like a Game & Watch that only has one game preloaded in the device.

I was okay with it, I was a spoiled child but I was not a brat. I was well-behaved, never gave my Mom any headaches and I told her I can wait for the game. I, of course, was really happy and giddy and could not contain myself.

I do not know what it was – guilt? Boredom? Maybe she just geniuniely wants me to be happy, but my mom told me to get dressed and hop in the car. It was late, approaching 8:00 at night, and malls tend to close around 9:00 back then. But Mom drove me to the mall. I fell asleep in the car, and when I woke up, I realized we were heading back home already. It was pass 10:00 at night, and Mom apologized saying we had to turn back because the mall was closed already when we got there.

I was very young then, and I never learned the gravity of that event until I was old enough to realize how not all mothers would do that for their children. But I knew this much – I had to remember that moment because there was something I could not understand happening, and I wanted to know what that is.