So I Crashed a Birthday Party Slash Parade

Last Sunday, I made plans to meet up with my best bud Ryan late in the afternoon to watch Red Riding Hood. I was basically free the whole afternoon, so when my friend Kathy asked if I can keep her company in her husband KC‘s friend’s birthday party, I said yes.

It wasn’t your typical birthday party. Even before I got there, KC has been talking about creating a Puerto Rican float to bring to a pub crawl. I found it odd but very interesting at the same time – like John Boehner’s skin tone or Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”. It turned out the birthday party was a parade AND a public crawl ending with a bbq house party.

Apparently, they were having a parade for the birthday girl. It was called the Eternal Youth Parade, and you can follow them on twitter at @eyparade. It was an interesting bunch of friends and everyone had either a costume on or “wearing” a float. It’s funny, because it’s like a parade of parade – the Puerto Rican parade was present, so are Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, Gay Pride parade and the Mermaid parade. Also present were a leprechaun, a lobster, Uncle Sam (worn by someone of Libyan decent – how current and political!) and Santa Claus.

Below are some pics I got (just click for a larger view):

See! It's Santa and an Arabic Uncle Sam! on Twitpic Santa and Uncle Sam getting ready for the parade.

It's a gay AND a straight rainbow at the  @eyparade on Twitpic Walking along Metropolitan Avenue towards the first bar stop.

It's the birthday gitl @eyparade #eternalyouth on Twitpic The birthday Rachel wearing an Easter float. She was hurling eggs with candies inside at people, but many of them were just perplexed with what’s going on.

Everyone, follow @eyparade! on Twitpic

The following day, they were some blog posts about the event. You can read them here and here.

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