Day 11 – Favorite Food

I’m doing the Fifteen Day Challenge – click here to read original post and view the list of fifteen challenges.

I’m a foodie – I like eating out and living in NY is amazing for being a foodie because the city is a smorgasbord and buffet of every kind of food, from cheap to expensive and shitty to orgasmic. It’s gonna be hard to narrow my favorite food down to just five, but I’ll do my best 😛 In fact, I’ll even be more specific than required by picking my favorite dishes from different restaurants I frequent in the city.

Biscuits and Gravy from Cafeteria – you get two eggs cooked any way you want, a side salad of greens, and two biscuits with spicy sausage gravy. I typically order a side of bacon just to add more meat in the dish. It also helps that I love the restaurant’s blue and brown color scheme, because I love blue and I’m brown. Cafeteria is open twenty-four hours, perfect if you’ve been drinking all night and you need some comfort food.

Warm spinach and bacon salad from Vynl – notice the theme, bacon. I typically go to Vynl for the drinks (White Album, it’s like a white chocolate martini), but I recently tried this salad and probably one of the best salads I’ve had. Aside from the bacon, it has goat cheese, toasted sliced almonds and cherry tomatoes on baby spinach.

Mac and cheese from Schiller’s – yes, their mac and cheese has bacon. And it is by itself a meal! I have never finished the dish by myself and I would always have to share it with someone on the table. After I tried their mac and cheese a few years ago, I’ve become a mac and cheese snob, I made Schiller’s the standard of what is a good mac and cheese and frankly, no other restaurant has surpassed Schiller’s.

Oyakudon from Takumi Ramen – this is a very good dish and surprisingly very cheap. It’s basically a small bowl of rice topped with ground seasoned chicken and a raw egg. I’ve ordered two in one bowl before, and I recommend you do the same since one order is not enough if you walk in hungry. Another option is Chasyudon which is basically the same dish, but with pork instead (order just one instead of two).

Hummus chicken wrap from Nanoosh – if you’re in the mood for something Mediterranean, Nanoosh has lots of hummus dishes and their chicken wrap is one of the few dishes I’ve tried and is very good. It’s a simple chicken wrap with hummus and other organic veggies. You will be asked for a side and I usually get the quinoa salad. I know, it sounds like what Will Smith will name a future daughter, and I actually never heard of it before, but it feels like eating couscous.

And there you go – some of my favorite food.


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