Day 12 – My Body, My Choice

I’m doing the Fifteen Day Challenge – click here to read original post and view the list of fifteen challenges.

Dear Tummy,

I never paid attention to you – which is hard to believe because you’re right there in front of me. I never had a problem with you before, was never had a body-image problem all through out my awkward years in high school. But today, we’ll make a change. Over the weekend, Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden. We know nothing about those brave men, but one thing is for sure – they have flat tummies. I’ve always thought that if I’m going to hell, it would be for pride, but now, we have a new reason: vanity. The devil’s favorite sin, too.
Since last month, I’ve lost ten pounds. Nothing to celebrate about, but that’s something. I say we shouldn’t stop there and keep working. I’ve been told I look like I’ve lost a few pounds, it’s hard to take his word for it because he’s my boyfriend, he can be biased about it.
So Tummy, you’ve hurt me enough as it is. I hope you’re sorry. I will try my best to get rid of you. And when you’re gone, also know that you’ve been forgiven.