Trapped in Utah; or, The President Made Me Miss My Great Grandmother’s Funeral

My dad’s mom’s mom, Granma Rosie, passed away Good Friday. I was in Barcade in Williamsburg, Andy and I were just leaving his best friend’s birthday party, when I got the phone call from my dad. I let it ring and go to voice mail; I didn’t want to pick a phone call about bad news in the street. I waited to get home so I can be in my room. I knew he was calling to let me know Granma Rosie passed away, my dad would never call me past nine o’clock on any evening unless it’s an emergency or news that cannot wait until the following day.

Funeral arrangements were made and I decided to go. Pueblo is a small city and does not have an airport, the nearest airport is in Colorado Springs, and that airport is not big enough to have any direct flights from New York City. Twelve gates, one terminal – it’s tiny. My itinerary is to fly over Colorado to Salt Lake City, then catch a connecting flight to Colorado Springs. But on that particular Thursday, a coworker told me that the President is flying in. Not really an issue until I found out that when the President flies in, they clear out the airstrip and no one can fly out or fly in. So I stayed in the plane knowing I’m going to miss my connecting flight. Sure enough, when I got to Salt Lake City, the last plane going to Colorado Springs has left five minutes before I landed.

I like Obama, and I’ve always thought he’s my golden boy – he can’t do anything wrong in my eyes. Until he made me miss the great grandmother’s funeral.

I was given a new itinerary – I fly in the morning to Denver, and then fly from Denver to Colorado Springs. Not even a direct flight was available. On top of this, no one can pick me up. All my family members will be attending the service in Pueblo, and then driving down sixty or so miles to Gardner for the burial.

I was ready to accept the fact that I’ll miss out on seeing everyone when cousin Jen told me that her husband was picking me up. That calmed me down real fast and spent the night in a hotel provided by Delta, eating food they also provided. All was well despite the fact I would be spending the rest of the night surrounded by Mormons.

The next two days, the President quickly made amends by killing Osama bin Laden. Golden boy and I are cool once again.

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