Don’t Mess with My Food

Came home from a long day at work – first day of sale, the store was open until past 8pm – and I was craving for some chinese food. I took the longer route to get home, no transfer but there will be a 15-minute walk. So after getting off the train, I made a call to the chinese place not too far from my apartment, thinking by the time I get there, the food will be ready. Everything was laid out perfect, if I plan world domination the same way I plan food purchases, the world is in peril.

I got to the place, gave my five bucks and off I went to my apartment. I was really hungry, but I wanted my beef and green peppers to cool down. So I took my time to change my clothes, read the article about that serial killer in Long Island and then got ready to eat.

It was lo mein with shrimp.

I had a few choices, the first being to throw the food on the kitchen wall and then turn around to my pretend camera like I’m filming a movie. I was hungry, and I did not know if I can down a shrimp when it was already past 10pm – I think seafood should only be consumed while the sun is up. I decided the pain should be shared to I headed out to talk to the lady who took my order. I was planning on dumping the food on the counter and point at it while making loud grunts.

Maybe it’s the walk, or the fact that I was getting light-headed from hunger but when I got to the restaurant which was two blocks away, I just said I want my money back. I saw the chef (chef, used loosely) was already packing up and the chairs were already set upside-down on tables. But they insisted they cook me my beef and peppers. So I let them. And they even gave me the lo mein for free.

See, going bat-shit crazy is NOT the way to go when people are trying to please their customers.

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