I’m a Wino-in-the-making

Not really of a wine-drinker, mainly because I don’t know wine and I can’t match which wine goes with what food. I remember going through a sangria-phase a few years back. There’s a Cuban restaurant I used to go to a lot down on Union Square called Havana Central, and they served a flight of sangria samplers. You basically pick four or five of the sangrias you want to try and then they serve your choices on a long piece of wood that holds tumblers of your drinks. The sangrias were pretty good and from what I remember, they were not too expensive – considering I was making substantially less back then.

It’s summer, so every other restaurant is bringing out their own creations of sangrias so I figured maybe I can make them myself. I did a quick google search for sangria recipes and came upon this blog post. After reading a few more post, I decided to subscribe to her blog and I think you should too if you’re a foodie.

The drink is really simple, nothing too fancy and all the ingredients – including the pitcher I used and the bottle of Pinot Grigio – I was able to purchase in one place. By the way, since they are in season, the strawberries and the blueberries taste very sweet! I’ve become a masterhuller of strawberries, and after cutting them in quarters, three-parts go to the pitcher, and a quarter goes into my mouth and made my tummy happy.

I placed a tub of blueberries, a bunch of strawberries, two lemons and a lime in a pitcher, added sugar – though I’m regretting it now, I think the fruits were sweet enough – a cup or so of orange juice and a bottle of white wine. I did all that last night and hopefully tonight, the fruits are already infused with the OJ and wine. I’ll pour some in a tumbler and top it off with club soda. This day can’t end sooner!

Something extra for you – a goofy pic:

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