Psychoanalyse This

Over lunch yesterday, my coworkers and I were talking about Disney movies and all I could think of is how these Disneyfied movies actually had very gruesome origin stories. Somebody also mentioned the Saw movies and the M. Night Shyamalan movie The Devil, and I think the discussion stuck with me in the back of my head because I had a scary dream last night.

Below is the nightmare that woke me at three in the morning. It started like a rom-com, but ended up like a gore movie. Please skip if squeamish.

I was on the A train heading to Brooklyn. Across from me was Dave. He was meeting his mom. Apparently, there is a mom-son picnic going on in DUMBO. The picnic is for Jewish mothers with single gay sons hoping they can match them and send them off towards marriage or at least a long-term relationship. Why Dave has a David Bowie lightning make-up on his left eye, I do not understand nor did I ask for an explanation.
It was a sunny day in DUMBO, Dave and i parted ways and he headed to the crowd of moms and sons – matching each other like a human-Grindr. I walked pass by the park to what looks like a forest. Then, “the camera” shifted from my point of view, panning out to a view of a rather wide-range of trees (clearly, we are not in New York anymore) then around what I was thought was me. It was just a generic Hollywood white guy talking to Dave in the train and I was just seeing his point of view.
Our main guy continued walking through the trees to a cabin. There were a bunch of wild-haired women wearing hospital gowns. They looked gnarly. And they looked at our main guy like he was food, and they were all ravenous. Main guy started running as a gaggle of crazy old women started running after him. He can clearly see a clinic ahead – surely a doctor, or a nurse – anyone who seems authoritarian who can help would be in it. As he walked in the door, several hands from behind him got a hold of him.
Our main guy woke up. He was wearing a hospital gown himself. A nurse looms on top of him. She said he was badly hurt by the old ladies. Main guy felt a pain on his groin. The nurse started explaining that they had to take out his right testicle. He suddenly got up from the hospital bed. And across from him, he can see a doctor, nailing down his testicle against a wooden table, maniacally laughing.

Any psychologists out there who can help me figure out what is wrong with me based on that dream?

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