How to Make French Toast Using Your Smartphone, Your Tablet and the Internet

I recently visited my friend Rey and his wife Charmaine in Saint Louis and one morning, we decided to have breakfast in a French restaurant. Charmaine was craving for french toast, which was not on the menu. The chef and owner of the restaurant, who happens to be French, told our server that french toast is not actually a French dish, the same way french fries is not originally French.

Fast forward to one month later, Saturday morning, and I’m craving french toast. But I don’t know how to make them. I’ve seen my mom cook the dish, but I didn’t exactly hung around to watch the whole process. I was more excited about sitting down and inhaling my mom’s cooking.

I figured it can’t be that hard to make french toast. It’s 2012, everything can be found in the internet. My dad was active in the Navy when I was growing up, so I turn to my father figure: Martha Stewart. She of course, had a recipe for french toast. She had eighteen of them. I picked one with apples.

I use an app called Evernote. It’s amazing. I downloaded the app on several devices I have: my iPod, my Blackberry and my PlayBook. I copied and pasted Stewart’s recipe to the online Evernote app. Put on a baseball cap and head out to the local grocery. On my way, I checked my Blackberry and synced Evernote – the recipe is now on my phone.

I now know what exactly I need to buy in the grocery. Grabbed half a dozen of eggs, a loaf of bread and a few apples and headed back home.

I prepared the kitchen to cook and grabbed my PlayBook. Fired up the Evernote app and basically had a “cookbook” by my stove so I can follow along the instructions while I cook.

Isn’t technology amazing? So was my french toast.

One thought on “How to Make French Toast Using Your Smartphone, Your Tablet and the Internet

  1. Im friends with Elaine. U i love! U r a man of fab words and insight I always look forward to ur take on life. :). Love ur blog!!!!

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