Like Rama Lama Lama Ke Ding a de Dinga a Dong

It’s Halloween and it’s the first time I stepped out of my house since Monday. That’s my street in Elmhurst. Doesn’t look bad, eh? You wouldn’t believe that just a block away from here, is this:

I walked around the fallen tree to see a better view.

I think this was the extent of damage in my neighborhood. I live far from the waters, and we don’t have many tall trees in my area. Even my local park look unscathed.

I’m glad that I am relatively safe after this storm – but after we got the cable and internet back up and running, it was rather depressing. Every borough in New York had their own problem going on. Manhattan was basically cut off from the rest of city, no tunnels, no subways, no bridges. So it’s basically a Nolan Batman movie. The city lost power and water, and the low-lying areas are flooded. I was going through Buzzfeed pictures and saw a transformer exploding on 14th Street.

Alphabet City was pretty bad as well:

Queens should have been relatively okay, but the area had its own worries: a fire broke out in Breezy Point and I’ve heard 50, 80, and 100 homes. Doesn’t really matter what the count is, it’s just horrible to have this kind of disaster any other time, but during a hurricane?

The Gowanus Canal overflowed.
The Bronx, being part of mainland New York State, wasn’t spared either.
Staten Island was basically flooded. Waters brought in sailboats and ships in the island.

Just visit these links to find more pictures by everyday people being passed around via social media like FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram:
NY Times.

As horrible as it may be, and as crippling as it is – NYers are not known as quitters. There’s always hope.

And just for kicks, here’s Sandy singing: