Day 2: Seven Days Until Thirty-Two

Will be turning 32 soon and for the next seven days leading up to my birthday, I’m going to try to write down any lessons I may have learned from the past year when I was 31.

I discovered gaming. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a Gameboy since it first came out in Japan and got every incarnation of the handheld except the micro one and the 3DS. But I could live without a handheld or a console.

Until 2011 came around and StarCraft 2 rolled along. I played this game years before and I remember liking the story. And that’s how I play a game – like I’m watching a movie. I do not care about shooting someone in the head, what concerns me is will the hero get to save the girl. Then the same developer released Diablo 3, and that’s another game I got engrossed in. I loved the story, and I love that I just point and click a gazillion times until the devil himself is dead.

For Christmas, I got myself a PS3, and I got a PSVita as a present. I found myself spending hours crossing the new world as an assassin either in colonial Boston or a creole in New Orleans, as a high school student solving a murder that involves going inside the tv, as an adventurer who has the power to control gravity and wall on walls, or a scorned queen looking for revenge. And all is good.