Day 4: Seven Days Until Thirty-Two

Will be turning 32 soon and for the next seven days leading up to my birthday, I’m going to try to write down any lessons I may have learned from the past year when I was 31.

I’m not a very physical person. At all. Did not play sports, have no urge to do anything that would cause me to sweat. But this year, mostly due to coaxing by my boyfriend – I’ve been more active in visiting the gym.

I do not know how to ride a bike. In fact, I do not know how to transport myself in any form or manner that requires me to do some sort of active role, like driving or riding a bike. But spinning the one activity we picked to do regularly, sometimes as often as five times a week.

Bitch is hard. You think you just sit there and pedal away. Nope – you spin, you stand. And the instructor would always make you turn up the tension on your bike to make it harder to spin. The wheel in front of you is nothing but a metal plate with some weight on it. And you turn up the tension by turning a knob that is connected to magnets that either comes closer or moves away from this metal wheel and hence controls the tension on your pedals. The closer the magnets, the harder it is the pedal – and more often than not, that is when your instructor tells you to kick up your revolutions per minute. And at that point, sweat would cascade down your face and you create a pool of sweat below you. It’s gross.

I plan to continue attending spin classes – and my boyfriend decided to add more classes other than spin. We actually did an abs class today (I know – my eyes are rolling right now). Fifteen minutes – a very short class, but it felt longer than that. And I’ll probably feel this tomorrow morning.