I Don’t Drive Anymore

We bought a car and you said let’s drive too far, and drive too fast. I said I’d drive because you’ve never driven before.
I picked the most scenic route I know. I wanted to make sure you enjoyed the view. It’s just us in the car, we rode care free.
Eventually we met up with my friends. I was so glad you met them – in as much as I enjoy your company alone, hearing someone else’s laughter can be fun too. I asked if you want to meet with your friends too, but you declined. You said we can wait, and wait we did. You haven’t told many that you bought a car with me.
We eventually met up with your friends, and it was still a fun ride. I’m still driving and I thought you didn’t mind.
Until you told me you did. And I forgot that you’re in the car too, and that this was your car too.
So I handed the wheel. I sat on the passenger seat. The view was still great, but the drive is a tad slower. I don’t mind. Whatever makes you happy.


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