It Finally Happened – We Parted Ways

My boyfriend Andy and I have been together for over seven years now. We’ve been living together for almost a year and we are in heavy talks about getting a puppy. We have gone through a bunch of arguments like most people in long term relationships. I often joke about him hitting me one of these days, and I probably deserve it if that ever happens (it won’t). And we are still together and I’m sure there will be bumps and obstacles in the future but I’d like to think both of us are committed enough to know to never let go.

That being said, be it known that it would have been easier to break up with my love than what I recently did – I let go of my BlackBerry.

It was August of 2006 when I first got a BlackBerry. It was Pearl. It was stupid. I never believed in cases to protect my phone, so I’d slip my Pearl in my pockets where it would collect lint that would get stuck in the Pearl’s button.

BlackBerry Pearl

BlackBerry Pearl

The QWERTY keyboard was also horrible. There was a very steep learning curve from your typical phone back then, when you have to press the number two three times to get to the letter C.

But it was my introduction to smart phones, and it was a good introduction. I heavily relied on e-mails then – I just moved to New York from Colorado, and from the Philippines before that, most of my contacts are easily in touch with me via e-mail.

I moved from the Pearl around the same time I met my boyfriend in 2008. We were both utilizing the BlackBerry Curve. He was probably my only BlackBerry Messenger contact I regularly talk to.

BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry Curve

It was a great phone. Full keyboard was great! But it still had a pesky trackball but was a novel idea at first, but I had the same issue with lint getting into the trackball and getting it stuck. Fortunately, the company moved away from the trackball and moved to a trackpad. I did not use this device much for e-mail anymore though it’s e-mail push technology was still great. Facebook was existent by then and it was and still what I use to get in touch with friends who are not in the same time zone as I am.

I never left the brand. The Curve was replaced by the full touchscreen with a keyboard Bold, and even after the complete operating system overhaul, I stayed with BlackBerry and got myself a Z10 which is basically BlackBerry’s iPhone. I did miss the keyboard which is why when Passport came out, I was one of the tens if not hundreds who bought it. It was silly, huge, bulky, but I totally loved it. I even got a leather case for it that was ridiculously expensive and was handmade.

BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Passport

After the Passport, there were rumors that BlackBerry will be designing an Android phone. And that was the final straw for me. I stayed with these line of devices mainly for the physical keyboard and its operating system. Yes, the OS did not get much love from app developers. But I had Facebook, Twitter and a few apps here and there and I was fine with that. One of my favorite adage was BlackBerry is not a toy, it’s a tool. I did not care if I can’t play Angry Birds on my BlackBerry. I purchased an iPod specifically for the “fun” part of technology and kept my BlackBerry for more serious matters like work e-mails and a decent LinkedIn account. With BlackBerry making devices powered by Android, then might as well switch to an Android phone.

And I did. And it was rough. I remember purchasing it on a Wednesday. I remember it was a Wednesday because I have a standing Wednesday night drinks with two of my close friends. We met at Lillie’s in Union Square and had nachos and three bottles of wine. I was laughing, drinking, munching on greasy nachos but my mind was pre-occupied by the fact that on the table, was a Samsung S6 Edge phone, and not my Passport that also acts as a coaster occasionally, if not most of the times.

It’s been roughly two weeks since I made the switch. My boyfriend got the exact same model I got but he got it in black. Mine was white because between us, I;m the fucking angel. Call me silly but I mourn over this. I feel like I lost something and it is so stupid to feel this sad about it. I have said before that I know how to hold a grudge, and I guess it’s also true with regards to things I hold dear. I maybe just a sentimental fool who does not know how to let go.


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