Tell Me the Truth – is it Love or just Paris?

I wrote this at two in the afternoon, and I probably should be working but I rushed through my usual 15-day workload down to ten days so I can have a long vacation, something that I missed this summer.

Just last week, I redeemed a trip I won from my company holiday raffle – a trip to Nantucket for two. It was a short weekend trip, it was raining and cold but it was a good break from my job. I haven’t had a break from work for pretty much the past ten months, and our payroll coordinator never fails to remind me of my eighteen vacation days unclaimed.

You can see more pictures here:

A long overdue trip is in place. There were talks of maybe going to Japan, but plans with a friend fell through which left my boyfriend and I with ten days of vacations set aside but nowhere to go. He was the one who actually suggested Paris, and I said yes without any hesitation.

So here I am, at work, could not focus on anything, anticipating the plane ride to Europe 🙂

Je suis perdu tu n’es plus dans ma rue
Cette nuit tu as disparu de ma vue