Peach Cobbler Disaster

If you have a Facebook account, I’m sure your feed is inundated with these short videos of food being prepared. I don’t know who started this, but I already started following the Tasty Food page.

Apparently, my boyfriend enjoys these videos as well and saw a recipe for a peach cobbler. It was really simple: peach at the bottom of a slow cooker, cake mix, butter, nuts. We had a hard time finding a can of peach filling – KeyFood and Fair Trade both failed me – so we opted for sliced peaches in heavy syrup. Two and a half hours later, it was ready.

It wasn’t bad. I picked one of those super moist vanilla cake mix which made the cobbler too sweet. We also had the cobbler with vanilla ice cream, and it says a lot when you have to have ice cream to cut the sweetness of the cobbler. It’s still good but you can’t eat this by spoonfuls.

I decided to bring some with me to work. I always want something sweet at the end of the meal and a small serving of peach cobbler with ice cream would be great. So the night before my work week begins, I got a small container, filled the bottom with peach cobbler and topped it with ice cream. I put the container with my lunch in a bag and put it away in the fridge. The following morning, I grabbed my lunch bag and head out to work.

When I got to work and I was about to put away my lunch is when I realized my huge mistake. You see, according to science, ice cream melts. And because our peach cobbler was really sweet, to cut the sweetness, I added a big serving of ice cream. I left my cobbler with ice cream in the fridge overnight. And my container is now basically soup with cake soaked in ice cream, and with floating chunks of peaches. It looked like it was thrown up. It was sludge.

The idiot in me said this can be salvage so I put the whole thing in our freezer at work. I have three hours until lunch time, this would be fine. After eating lunch, I grabbed my dessert and now I had frozen sludge. Which I had to put in the microwave so I could dig in.

I finished the damn thing.


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