A Case for Happy Endings

I first heard of Happy Endings from the Totally Laime podcast where Elizabeth Laime had Casey Wilson on. I actually watched the pilot because I wanna see Wilson. Why she was kicked out from SNL, I’ll never understand because that woman is funny. If you haven’t seen it, the show should be available in Hulu, just look it up. And if you need reasons to see it, let me give you some:

  • It’s like watching Friends – and let’s be honest, don’t you miss Friends? Fine, it’s not the same, but this really takes the edge off, and soothes that itch that cannot be scratched away. But let’s compare: Friends is NYC, Happy Endings, Chicago; both have six friends compromised by three guys and three girls; Friends all white folks, Happy Endings more multi-cultural; both started with a bride running away from a wedding.
  • Penny Hartz – played by Wilson. She plays the single gal, and who doesn’t love a single gal? We all have one of those in our group of friends. She dated a guy named Hitler, and she considered hyphenating her name if she ever marries this guy: Penny Hartz-Hitler. Yes, hilarious.
  • Dave and Alex – the series is probably going to revolve around them and their relationship. One indication of this is both are played by painfully pretty actors. They both have faces that you put on empty picture frames when you buy them from your local craft stores.
  • Crazy Jane – Alex’s older sister. If I get to choose to be one of the characters, it’ll be her. She’s a control freak, she’s very competitive and she’s a fun drunk. I’m all that.
  • Black Brad – the show has a token black guy! As one of the main characters! On a major tv network that’s not BET! America is moving strides with its diversity. Felt that? That’s my eyes rolling.
  • Max – he looks like a fat Paul Rudd or a chubby Chris O’Donnell. That alone, I’m sold. He looks like a fraternity guy, but his character is gay. He’s breaking every stereo-type, so I’m all for that too 🙂

Technically, I shouldn’t really need to make a case for the show – I heard it’s already renewed for a second season. Yay.

Happy Endings

vicky pollard in the city

not too many people know about little britain – one of the funniest show ever, lots of crude humor. and one of my favorite character has to be vicky pollard.
according to wikipedia, vicky is

“An exaggerated caricature of a teenaged Bristolian chav who, when challenged about something, comes up with gossip that has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever predicament she is in at the time. Vicky Pollard went to school in the first and second series. In the first series, she was accused of shoplifting, became pregnant (and swapped the baby for a Westlife CD) and was sentenced to borstal where she bit someone called Jackie (a counterpart of Vicky played by Walliams). In the second series, she stole from a supermarket and smoked on a bus. In the last series, she was hired to babysit and had a wild party in the house while the parents were away. In Little Britain Abroad she was shut in a Thai prison for smuggling drugs and her mother, Shelly Pollard (played by Dawn French), made an appearance in court saying that Vicky got into a bad crowd at the age of three. In Comic Relief does Little Britain Live, supermodel Kate Moss played Vicky’s twin sister ‘Katie Pollard’, declared that Vicky was the ‘pretty one’ and Katie was the ‘easy one’.”

for my cousin brit’s 15th birthday, her mom took her to new york city and i, of course, played tour guide. the three of us walked like we’ve never walked before. my sneakers can attest to that statement.
as part of her NYC experience, she was given a challenge – to walk around the city looking like vicky pollard. and take pictures. good times.

brit trying on her outfit

central park, by the reservoir. to quote aunt elaine: i’ve never seen so many joggers!

at the natural history.

at rockefeller, jsut across the met store where i used to work.

brooklyn diner! one of my favorite diners in the city.

has to be my favorite picture – seated in the priority for the disabled. look at that face. she looks “special”.

aunt elaine and i – pooped out.

best mime ever

just hit the play button

as seen on Break.com

maybe the lines can help you:

I thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm, he came around like he was dignified
He showed me what it was to cry
Well you couldn’t be that man I adored
You don’t seem to know, don’t seem to care what your heart is for
But I don’t know him anymore
There’s nothing where he used to lie
My conversation has run dry
That’s what’s going on, nothing’s fine I’m torn

I’m all out of faith, this is how I feel
I’m cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into something real
I’m wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
You’re a little late, I’m already torn